The History of Volvo and Finding Your New Car

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Classic-VolvoVolvo was started in 1927 in Sweden. As a company it managed to grow in the 1900’s as one of the top automobiles to have for a fair price and great quality.  Our Bridgend Volvo specialists realize that history is important when it comes to a car company.  It is this history that builds on a concept, bringing you a vehicle you can trust.

The name Volvo was chosen because it means “I Roll” in Latin.  The first series of Volvo was the OV4. Now they have numerous models you can choose from.  In the first year that Volvo was made they created 297 cars.  They also debuted a truck in 1928, which was quite a success.  Volvo did not reach recognition around the world until after World War II.  By then they were creating a bus and aircraft engine.  In 1999 Volvo Car Corporation was sold to Ford Motor Company.  The Volvo car is just a portion of the Volvo Group.  However, the cars are being manufactured through Ford with the Volvo specifications.

Volvo specialists and Volvo Servicing in Bridgend can help you purchase any style Volvo or fix your current Volvo.  With such a long history as a Swedish company it is apparent why Volvo is considered high quality.

Today you have many models to choose from including 2009 offerings.  Bridgend Volvo Specialists is one independent Volvo sales and servicing company offering you used cars and servicing.  Anytime you want to trade in your old Volvo you will want to check their prices.  The internet is a wonderful place to find good deals, but it takes a lot more research than just where to buy a car.  Before you can buy a Volvo you should understand what models they offer and what might best fit you.  They have a range of cars, trucks, SUV’s, and other vehicles.

These vehicles are offered in several  colours  ranging from white and silver to dark blues and black.  Creature comforts like GPS, ABS, leather seats, CD players, etc. can be placed in the Volvo of your choice.  When you come to independent Bridgend Volvo Specialists you are asking the company to find the car you want at the price you want.  They have been known to be able to find you top deals that the Main Dealers are not willing to provide.

Not only do they offer used and new cars, but they can also do Volvo Servicing in Bridgend.  They can ensure that all replacement parts are genuine Volvo or equal in quality.  Still, there are many Volvo dealers, and finding the one that is right for you takes some work.  Consider how long the business has been open, whether their quotes are competitive, and whether their pricing on vehicles is competitive.  BVS in Bridgend South Wales is one of the only companies that can offer you top quality, great prices, and a local place for you to shop.  They are dedicated to making sure you get the car of your choice.


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